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Front Range
Grays Peak 14,270 
Torreys Peak 14,267 
Mt. Evans 14,264 
Longs Peak 14,255 
Pikes Peak 14,110 
Mt. Bierstadt 14,060 
Tenmile Range
Quandary Peak 14,265 
Mosquito Range
Mt. Lincoln 14,286 
Mt. Cameron 14,238 
Mt. Bross 14,172 
Mt. Democrat 14,148 
Mt. Sherman 14,036 
Sawatch Range
Mt. Elbert 14,433 
Mt. Massive 14,421 
Mt. Harvard 14,420 
La Plata Peak 14,336 
Mt. Antero 14,269 
Mt. Shavano 14,229 
Mt. Princeton 14,197 
Mt. Belford 14,197 
Mt. Yale 14,196 
Tabeguache Peak 14,155 
Mt. Oxford 14,153 
Mt. Columbia 14,073 
Missouri Mountain 14,067 
Mt. of the Holy Cross 14,005 
Huron Peak 14,003 
Elk Mountains
Castle Peak 14,265 
Maroon Peak 14,156 
Capitol Peak 14,130 
Snowmass Mountain 14,092 
Conundrum Peak 14,060 
Pyramid Peak 14,018 
North Maroon Peak 14,014 
San Juan Mountains
Uncompahgre Peak 14,309 
Mt. Wilson 14,246 
El Diente Peak 14,159 
Mt. Sneffels 14,150 
Mt. Eolus 14,083 
Windom Peak 14,082 
Sunlight Peak 14,059 
Handies Peak 14,048 
North Eolus 14,039 
Redcloud Peak 14,034 
Wilson Peak 14,017 
Wetterhorn Peak 14,015 
San Luis Peak 14,014 
Sunshine Peak 14,001 
Sangre de Cristo Range
Blanca Peak 14,345 
Crestone Peak 14,294 
Crestone Needle 14,197 
Kit Carson Peak 14,165 
Challenger Point 14,081 
Humboldt Peak 14,064 
Culebra Peak 14,047 
Mt. Lindsey 14,042 
Ellingwood Point 14,042 
Little Bear Peak 14,037 
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Gain the summit.

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Bumper Stickers
mtgirl says:
Here's a website that sells stickers with 14ers on them:

I've also seen those stickers at The Trailhead store in Buena Vista.
How much does your food weigh?
Wilderness_hike says:
"JWP3"  I'm trying to keep mine under 2 lbs and am having a hard time doing that and getting more than 3000 calories/ day. Any suggestions?

Wow, that is a really low calorie/oz ratio. Shoot for foods that are at least 125 calories/oz. This sounds difficult, but when you start looking at all the foods out there, it's really not that difficult. A typical light weight dinner for me might be Ramen (130 cal/oz) with some olive oil added in (olive oil is insanely high in calories......I think it's like 240/oz) and some parmesan cheese. Lightweight, and packed with calories. Other foods with high calories per ounce might include potato chips, peanut butter, peanuts, almonds, tortilla chips, chocolate, and most energy bars
Prettiest hike for wknd, uncrowded (non-standard routes?)
dcbates80911 says:
This one will depend on where you are located on the Front Range, but San Luis is remote, fairly scenic, very low crowds, and I think your car could make it. It took me 4 hours to get to the TH from Colorado Springs. Probably about the same from west Denver (near 285) south towards Walsenburg. I had put this one off for some time because it seemed remote, but was incredibly surprised how beautiful the valley was. RT it is ~13 miles. I have a Report on my climb a couple weeks ago.
Found 1 mile from grey's peak trail head
JA_son27 says:
Looks to be some kind of action figure!
Unscientific survey: Best 14er routes to avoide crowds
cheeseburglar says:
I've got to recommend going the other way - alternative routes to find crowds.
Pikes Peak Marathon - people will be standing around in different places to hand you food and fluids!
Evans via the road by bicycle - no better opportunity to harrass tourists in automobiles!

But seriously, I climb non standard routes whenever possible. That's what books are for. When I climbed Longs the first time, we rounded a corner and got in the congo line about 400 feet below the summit. We had only seen one group up until that point. And we didn't need ropes. That route is in a book.
I just flipped to a random page in Dawson's book and their are three routes for that random mountain.
Bells Traverse Questions
uwe says:
"CO Native"  It took me 80 minutes. I had heard that 90 was average.

Hey, tks for the time info and TR link . Great detail.

Bear Cannisters Defeated
randalmartin says:
"Steve Gio"  That is pretty interesting stuff.

Just out of curiosity who here actually uses a baer canister for their food? I still hang my food in a bag and would be interested to hear any advise either way.

Bear Canisters are required in RMNP if you are camping. I am backpacking in RMNP in September. My reservation confirmation letter has that requirement highlighted for emphasis.
BillMiddlebrook says:
"Kris from Kentucky"  Great site

We were reading all trip reports for climbing Grey's and Torrey's Peaks and decided to try Kelso Ridge as the Ascent. While searching the trip reports for Kelso it comes up with 5 pages of reports. When I try to click on a different page it takes me to the main trip report 2nd page. Other than that I could not see anything to improve. It was very easy to find a great/challenging trail to start with.

Yup, I see it too. The paging is screwed up when doing only a text search. I'll fix it soon.

ray06 says:
Climbed it in 1985. I suspect it's still tough.
Welcome me
skiwall says:
"Wilderness_hike"  You haven't seen a girl in a green subaru have you????..............

I did! This morning! :)
Please help plan a weekend for a CO. newbie!
sunny1 says:
In Boulder approx 45 min drive from Denver (good alternatives for Fri afternoon depending on the weather):
Green Mtn in Boulder via Gregory Canyon: 5 mi loop hike with approx 2200 ft elev gain with excellent long-range views of the Indian Peak Wilderness, Long's Peak. There's a $3.00 daily parking fee for this one.
Bear Peak/S. Boulder Peak in Boulder from the Mesa Trailhead: 7.8 mi r/t, 3K elev gain. Free parking.

As suggested above, lots of options in the Indian Peaks Wilderness - consider Mt Audubon, a 13er, near 8 mi r/t with 2700 ft elev gain (decent challenge with excellent scenery) $8.00 (I think) entrance fee.

Or westbound I-70 to Loveland Pass for Mt Sniktau, park free. Start your hike at 12K elev, total elev gain around 1200 ft, 4 mi r/t. It's approx 45 mins from the west side of Denver and you're on the roof of the earth - great views.

Send me a PM if you'd like more detail or more options! :D
Another Finisher!!!!
iceman says:
Nice work Skeeter. Bill, you snooze you lose. I just purchased the domain 15ers.com
Lessons Learned
hornpeak says:
Licking the salt off your skin???? Never heard that one before. #-o or maybe licking it off your climbing partners skin :lol:
Uncompahgre Outhouse
2_Salukis says:
...or about a million trees and places to dig a cathole near the TH. :oops:
Capitol Peak Claims Life
jonathono2000 says:
"Barry Raven"  So he was not on the standard route but on the ridge between K2 and Daly. I've been on that ridge, it's pretty exposed. Another reason why it's a good idea to bring crampons and an axe when the snow conditions are questionable.

I get people looking at me funny when I am carrying my ice axe in July. I really don't care. I always carry it. To me going up a mountain without one is like showing up to play baseball without a glove, its just stupid.
Hiking All 14ers Except Culebra?
Derek says:
"J2TheZ"   Also, I can't support people who think they "own" mountains. God put the mountains there for us to enjoy and for some rancher to charge a ridiculous fee makes me ill.

I have a really nice chuck of grass outside of my front door....please don't take it just because its nice and you don't want to see me have it for myself. But I'll let you walk on it for a nickel. :wink:

Seriously though, coming from the east where it seems like EVERYTHING is private, I think its amazing that of all the 14ers, there is only one that we have to deal with this issue. (I know...I'm an optimist.)
Rockdale (Missouri) trailhead status?
desert_diver says:
See my trip report from a couple of years ago: http://www.14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=3193&parmuser=desert_diver&cpgm=tripuser

I strongly encourage you to walk the creek crossing first.

Having your truck float downriver isn't what to worry about. Worry about getting water into the engine.

I think part of the reason I got stuck on the way out of the wilderness is the profile of the creek bank - it's steeper on the way out, which may have forced the front of the engine deeper into the water.
Camping along Lake Como Road
JA_son27 says:
Thanks Sour, I checked the other threads and resurrected this one, the thread you linked was helpful too. I will keep that landmark filed in my head!
Looking for climbing partners in August!
piper14er says:
Looking to do the Wilsons (scheduled for August 6-9 but work and weather may push that back a week?), N. Maroon which I would like to do this Saturday (anyone - weather shows 20% Saturday) and then finish off with Capitol 3rd or 4th weekend in August (really would like someone for that). Let me know here - people's schedule/partner needs or pm please.
Castle/Conundrum Creek Trailhead Info
kaiman says:
We crossed the bridge in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had a couple of inches of clearance outside of each wheel. I'd say a full size pickup may have too wide of a track. Check it out before you cross, the distance and altitude you gain to get to Pearl Pass junction is as Bullwinkle stated...negligible. If your goal is to get as far up the road as possible, cross with caution.

Thanks. My goal is not to get all the way up the road, but rather to get as close to the Pearl Pass/Montezuma Basin split as I can, beyond that I don't mind walking. From the sounds of it, it only adds about .25 to .5 a mile on the distance to park before the wash out, so we'll probably not try the bridge crossing. It could be years before the Forest Service gets it fixed... :wink:

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